Five Top Graduate Jobs in Australia 2018

ApplyDirect takes a quick look at some of the top growing industries promising the best graduate jobs in Australia for the year ahead.

Finishing uni and preparing for life after graduation is an exciting time in many young people’s lives. Not only can you put those countless hours of late night study and exam preparation behind you, you can also look forward to the many benefits of having a stable job with regular hours and a full time paycheque (just don’t blow it all in a few days)! Given the changing nature of the Australian economy, the graduates of today have more job opportunities to choose from across a wider range of industries than ever before. For those who are particularly keen to ensure their career gets off to a strong start, we’ve put together a list of the best graduate jobs in Australia for 2018. This is based on not only predicted employment growth in each of these fields, but also the opportunity they offer to start at the ground floor and work your way up through practical experience:

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  • #1: Accounting Jobs

Whilst certain accounting tasks could be automated by technology, especially those involving repetitive processes, it’s still a solid field for graduate jobs. With Accounting degrees not only teaching students how to add up properly and balance the books (crucial skills for any business or organisation to survive in the long term) but also giving them an understanding of the fundamentals of running a business, coming to the job market equipped with a qualification in this field will hold you in good stead. The key is to also equip yourself with a basic understanding of digital technology – including the ins and outs of online accounting software. Expected growth in this field is 13.3% by 2020, or an extra 27,000 accountants over this timeframe.

Top positions in this field:

  • #2: Education Jobs

A booming population, especially in the outer suburbs of Australia’s largest capital cities where new families tend to live means one thing – strong demand for new schools and the teachers who occupy these vital public institutions. Like the Healthcare and Social Assistance sector, Australia’s Education sector is also growing strongly, with figures from the federal Department of Education forecasting the need for an additional 158,700 primary school teachers and 124,700 secondary school teachers by 2020. That’s just 2 years away!

Top positions in this field:

  • #3: Healthcare Jobs

Healthcare and Social Assistance jobs are undoubtedly a solid bet for fresh graduates seeking a career in an industry that’s expected to grow very strongly in the years and even decades ahead. In fact, Healthcare and Social Assistance is officially Australia’s fastest growing industry with this crucial sector currently employing over 1.5 million Australians and expected to continue its winning streak in coming years, due to robust overall population growth combined with an ageing baby boomer cohort. Registered nursing jobs are expected to be in particularly high demand, with some studies forecasting a shortfall as high as 109,000 by 2025.

Top positions in this field:

  • #4: Legal Jobs

Studying Law has always held an aura of prestige, which is a key reason many students opt for this demanding degree over others. Whilst it’s true many of the jobs once performance by young graduates have been automated or outsourced to cheaper overseas destinations, there’s still strong opportunities in this field for grads with digital technology skills and a desire to work overseas to broaden their horizon. By 2020, the number of solicitors in Australia in particular is expected to grow over 21%, from 56,900 to 68,900.

Top positions in this field:

  • #5: Programming & Software Engineering Jobs

Of all fields offering the best prospects for graduates in Australia, few offer salaries as potentially lucrative as programming and software engineering jobs. Add Data Science jobs to this list and now we’re talking not only serious money but also serious career prospects – given the highly specialised skills required to do these jobs well and their scarcity in the labour market. In fact, average salaries in this field are close to $1,801 per week before tax, compared to an average of $1,230 for all industries. Employment is expected to grow by 17.2% to 100,200 workers by 2020 according to Department of Jobs figures.

Top positions in this field:

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